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Bundt Cake-A-Holic fulfilled a niche in flavoration by bringing together the greatest creational merge a dessert could have and that's the merge of good cake with good liquor.

The Bundt Cake-A-Holic story started in Grandma's kitchen. A mention of rum and cake in a memorable moment one that proved Chef Vidal was up to the challenge and Bundt Cake-A-Holic was born.  Like any inordinate creation of a great product, the Bundt Cake-A-Holic story is no different. Except that we are different than any other imitation of alcohol infusion with dessert. 

Bundt Cake-A-Holic prepares a special icing to top the super moist cakes and that same recipe is still going strong.  

Our Vision

Bundt Cake-A-Holic is a proud Disabled Veteran owned and operated cake bakery, whose mission is to bring a uniqueness and tastronomical way of combing a variety of dessert experiences that the mouths and  spirits of people will truly enjoy!

Bundt Cake-A-Holic can combine any liquor suggestion with any cake to suffice  a unique flavor that is sure to keep cake and alcohol connisseurs coming back for more and more!!!

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