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Who We Are

The unusual thing about Chef Vidal is that he doesn’t taste anything. He has a particular eating habit and he doesn’t drink or eat vegetable, fruits, don’t like sauces. So of course we are all thinking yeah right, you who don’t taste anything is going to make a hell of a rum cake that would be equal to or better than two of the greatest cooks we know; My mom (Martha) who does everything from scratch and my baby sister (Paula) who is definitely her mother’s child. Well we took Chef Vidal up on his challenge and he created his version of rum cake in a Bundt style with his homemade rum icing. No words could described how delicious that cake was, it was so super moist and the icing that he had in the center as a dipping icing on top of the icing that was already on the cake. OMG can you say “HEAVEN” we had a good old time with that cake. Since it was so great I decided to take some to work for my co-worker’s to try. I took the cake container and sat it on the table at work and left a note saying “rum cake, please help yourself.” People I didn’t even know tracked me down at work and wanted to know who made that cake. I told them and they wanted to pay to have him make them one. I came home told my husband the news, of course he was tickled pink and said I told you so…We laughed and then came an idea… The light bulb went off I said if people like the rum cake so much I wonder what other kind of alcohol can we put in the cake that people would like. So we experimented, had people try our take on alcohol infused Bundt cakes and then came the invention of Bundt Cake-A-Holic.

Our Vision

Bundt Cake-A-Holic is a Disabled Veteran owned and operated cake bakery, whose mission is to bring a unique way of combing a dessert that we have loved for so long with a variety of spirits that people have equally enjoyed!
We can combine pretty much any liquor with any cake to give it a unique flavor that keeps you coming back for more and more

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Veteran Owned, Veteran Operated


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