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Margarita Bundt

This lemon cake is infused with El Jimador Tequila and for that extra kick it has lemon and lime zest in the batter. Can you say “Fiesta” Time?

Strawberry Hurricane Bundt

What a storm. This strawberry flavored cake is made with fresh strawberries and for that extra kick is infused with Hurricane Rum. This is one storm you wouldn’t want to miss.

Strawberry Daiquiri Bundt

Fresh Strawberries!!! Enough said. This strawberry cake has the very essence of a strawberry daiquiri. It is infused with Bacardi Coconut Rum and fresh strawberries.

Wall Banger Bundt

This oldie but goodie is made with yellow cake infused with Galliano Liqueur, Vodka and Orange Juice.

Mudslide Bundt

Talk about happy times! This is a true foodgasium… Talk about eyes rolling back in the head, loud screams, etc. This delicious triple chocolate cake is infused with Kahlua Mudslide Liqueur and topped with chocolate chips… Enjoy!

So. Co. Bundt

Awe.. that good old comfortable feeling. This yellow cake is infused with Southern Comfort and for that added pleasure it baked with pecans.

Rum Bundt

Now who doesn’t like this! Rum cake has been a favorite amongst millions from generation to generation. This yellow cake is infused the delicious flavor of Bacardi Coconut Rum and what a combination. It is definitely a must try!

Bailey's Bundt

This delicious, incredibly moist decadent yellow cake w/chocolate pudding is infused with Bailey Irish Cream Liquor. The two together creates and out of this world taste.

Amaretto Bundt

Perfect with your hot coffee or tea. This almond flavored Bundt cake is infused with Amaretto Liqueur it is very scrumptious and definitely one you would want to add to your repertoire.

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